New Mercurial logo design

This logo is a simple "liquid mercury" theme like the original logo, in keeping with the ideas that inspired the name: fast, fluid, flexible, etc. It scales nicely to all sizes, including 16x16 for favicons, prints well, and generally makes the lead Mercurial developer happy.

Licensing: this logo is available under the GPLv2+ and is freely available for use by all projects with a GPLv2 license (though please use it only for Mercurial-related projects). We will grant explicit use permissions to non-GPLv2+ projects on a case-by-case basis, please write to mpm at for details.

Original design: Cali Mastny
Various fiddling: Matt Mackall
Copyright: Matt Mackall

Source: logo-droplets.svg

A variant version that adds the "periodic table" theme of our command line tool:

Source: logo-hg.svg

And here are the droplets themselves, which will be useful in contexts calling for just an icon: